Joey Wenndt Shame on You!!

A True Story about the Cedar County Iowa Pet Killers

Joey Wenndt Pooh Bear & Patches Shame on you Joey Wenndt Joey Wenndt

Hello my name is Ed Matheny. I live in Lowden, Iowa and this is my sad but very true story
of  how our family pet of eight years was gunned down on her own property. I am posting all of the
public documents that pertain to this story so you can see and decide for yourselves how outrageous
this is. My main goal for doing this page is to let the public know that this is going on so that maybe
it will help stop another pet and its family from having to go through what we have gone through.

Many of our neighbors have shown us support along with a group in Tipton, IA. "Friends Of The Animals",
I would like to thank all of you for all you have done. "Thank You"

Poo Bear we Love You!!

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The Incident Report  Neighbors Letters  News Paper Articles  Where They Threw Her  West Branch Story  West Branch Chief Demoted
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My Statement...

Sunday, March 10, 2002


To Whom It May Concern:

This is a statement of events that occurred on my property while my family and I were away to attend a wedding, I am Lyle E. Matheny “Ed”.

We were set to leave in the morning Tuesday, Feb.12 to go to my sister's wedding in Florida. The wedding was going to be on the 14th of Feb. We were to return early the following Sunday, the 17th. We had two dogs, one whose name was Pooh Bear, a brown dog. She was eight years old and was given to my Son by me as a puppy. My Son loved his dog and would always give it lots of attention. Bear was part Chow and some sort of Sheppard, I think maybe Irish Sheppard. When we got her, early on we tried to make her an inside dog but it didn’t take us to long to learn that she would end up being an outside dog. She liked it outside, mostly because of all the fur she had, I believe. When she was about a year old, I saw a commercial on TV for a Radio Fence for dogs. I thought, 'boy that is a nice idea' because the dog would get much more exercise. So I went to the pet store and purchased a Radio Fence and installed it myself. I installed it so that she had the run of about ¼ of our side and back yard, the south east side. Inside this perimeter was her large dog house that my Son and I had built for her. She was on this system for seven years, it worked great and I figured it was great for her as well. The only time this fence failed to work was maybe two or three times in those seven years, and a couple of those times she may have wondered as far as to the neighbor's yard and that was it. If she did, a neighbor would call me and I would come home and tie her up until I could replace the batteries in her collar.

Before we left to go to Florida, I had checked the weather for a week in advance so I knew that it was going to be warm enough that I didn’t need to heat our dogs' water. We have a very large waterier that we use if we are going to be away and a large automatic feeder. My son had asked the neighbor boy (the pastors son) if he would kind of keep an eye on our dogs for us while we were away. We weren’t asking him to do anything other than make sure they were in our yard, “keep an eye out for them”. I also knew that a friend whom lives a block away would keep an eye on them for us as well.

At just about 4 pm on Friday the 15th I receive a call on my cell phone while I was in Florida.  It was my brother calling to tell me that he had just heard a message on the answering machine from the police department that our dog was loose. My brother was on the job and could not get to Lowden at that moment - he needed to return the company vehicle and get his own. So he called my mom to ask her to call the Cedar County sheriff to let them know that someone was on their way, my mom made that call at 4:15 pm. She also called and asked my other brother who lives in Davenport to go to Lowden. Just after I got the call from my brother, I had called Information from my cell phone in Florida for the phone number to the sheriff. When I called and told her who I was and what the call pertained to she (the dispatcher) acted as if she had no idea what I was talking about. I told her that someone from the Clarence Police Department just left a message on my answering machine and said that my dog was loose and they were going to destroy it. She then said that she would try to get a hold of someone from the Clarence Police Department while she put me on hold. She came back to the phone a stated that she could not get a hold of anyone. I told her that I felt a sense of urgency and to please keep trying, that someone was on their way and to please not shoot our family dog. That was the end of that phone call.

At about 4:50 pm my mom called the dispatcher again to reiterate that someone was indeed on their way. The dispatcher told her not to bother, that the situation had been dealt with. My mom asked what that was supposed to mean? The dispatcher would not say. My mom asked, are you saying we do not need to go to Lowden? The dispatcher said that is correct. My mom called my brothers to tell them to turn around. I, on the other hand, was still waiting for someone to call me back with an update. My phone rang at about 4:55 pm, it was the police chief involved “chief of police”. When I answered, he acted as if he was just returning my call, I told him that the last message I got was that he was going to destroy our dog. Then before I could even take a breath he said “I DID”. I went into immediate shock and disbelief. I said “What did you go and do that for you SOB that was my son’s dog and that it was the best dog I had ever seen. There are going to be some answers to this one” Then the phone went dead, he had hung up on me. The phone call lasted maybe 15 or 20 seconds.

The dispatcher had both my mom's phone number and mine all the way from at least 4:10 or 4:15 and no one made another call to her or me before they shot and killed our pet.

My Son and I were still in shock, we wanted to come home right away but there was just no way for us to leave any sooner.

On Saturday morning at about noon, I get a call from my mom saying that she got a call from the police chief, (lives in Lowden) (so he did have her number) saying that the other dog was loose. I figured she had seen the other dog get shot and probably spent the whole night trying to get loose. I told my mom that someone needed to please get there right away because they already had shot one of our dogs. I couldn’t stress the urgency or the helplessness I felt enough. I told her to call the dispatch right back, she said that she had. I asked her to please call again and to ask them specifically not to shoot our dog. I then got on my phone and called my brother in Davenport and asked him to rush to my house.

I called someone from Clarence to go to my house and I had someone call a friend who lives one block away to hurry over to my house to prevent the other dog from getting killed. I think my friend was the first one to arrive, then Al from Clarence, then my brother. When everyone got there the dog was loose but in our yard and there were no police present. “Thank god”. My brother put our dog in the van and took her home to his house, knowing that she would be safer there than in Lowden.

My brother called me to let me know that he had her and that she was safe. Not knowing what they did with our other dog I asked him if they had left her laying in the yard? He said that he didn’t see her.

We got back Sunday morning to Lowden. I walked around the back of my property to see if I could find any clues as to what had happened. Right away in my driveway I found a blood spot where they had shot her. I could also see the trail of blood where they had dragged her to the ally. After not being able to find my Son’s dead dog I called the sheriff’s department and asked her if she would get someone at the Police Department so I could find out what they had done with our dog. She again put me on hold while she tried to reach someone. After a moment she came back on and stated that she couldn’t get anybody from the Clarence Police Dept. and that she guessed that it meant that she didn’t have anyone on call. So all day Sunday went by and I still did not know where they put our dog. On Monday, the 18th someone from the Police Department called me and said he was returning my call. I told him who I was and that the Clarence Police Department had shot our dog and that I wanted to know where she was and that I wanted a copy of the Police report. He stated that he didn’t know anything and would need to talk to the chief. Later on that day the same person called me back and said that the chief  said he would give me a call as soon as he was finished with his days off. So I still did not know where they put out pet.

Tuesday, the 19th, in the morning I get an anonymous call while at work in Tipton wanting to know if I would like to know where our dog was at. I said of course I would, and that I have not been able to find out. They said that she was thrown up against the fence down at the sewer plant in Lowden. They said they thought I might like to know so we could go get her because the weather had been warm. I had heard that the Mayor was involved in this as well so I thought I would call him to see if he would tell me where she was before I went to get her. He did, and then said “that thing sure was mad that day”. I went and found Bear just thrown against the gate post. She was just thrown there like a piece of trash. We took her home and buried her.

Finally, on Wednesday, The chief called me back. When he did, he seemed as though he was just returning my call and what did I want? I told him that I wanted to see a copy of the Police report. He told me that since it seems that there was a lawyer involved, I couldn’t see it until he talked to his lawyer. End of conversation.  Two weeks later, I finally got to see the police report.

In closing, I would like to say that so far I have never come across anyone else that says they saw our dog out of the yard. And my neighbor stood and watched them kill our dog on our property from her window. She has stated that our dog never charged them and was just trying to figure out what these people were doing on her property. In fact, she tells of the dog trying to get under the car to get away, not charging at them.

I would also like to say that I am a 42 year old Father, Veteran and Citizen that has had a dog all of his life and that Pooh Bear was one of the best, and that she was a family member. She died protecting our property, while on our property from a Cop, a Mayor and a Minister, armed with a baseball bat, a gun and a rope.  And to think that two of these people are supposed to be public servants and one who is supposed to be a servant of even a higher authority. Those involved in killing this pet should be ashamed of themselves…



Lyle E. Matheny (Ed)

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